Hadco products for the aerospace industry are used in the construction of aircraft, satellites, and other aerospace vehicles. These materials are characterized by their high strength-to-weight ratio, low density, high resistance to corrosion and high temperature, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. They also have good fatigue resistance and are able to withstand harsh environments such as high altitudes and temperatures. Common materials used in aerospace include aluminum alloys and specialty plastics.


Aluminum Sheet & Plate

Products Bare/Clad Specs
Sheets 2024-O Bare & Clad sheet AMS QQ-A-250/4, AMS QQ-A-250/5, CMMP-019, CMMP-025, AMS 4035, AMS 4461
Sheets 2024-T3 Bare & Clad sheet AMS QQ-A-250/4, AMS QQ-A-250/5, CMMP-019, CMMP-025, AMS 4037, AMS 4462
Plates 2024-T351 Bare plate AMS 4037, AMS QQ-A-250/4,BSS-7055, AMS STD-2154, CMMP-025
Plates 2124-T851 Bare plate AMS QQ-A-250/29, AMS 4101, FMS-3002, BSS-7055,MMS-149, AMS STD-2154
Plates 2219-T851 Bare plate AMS QQ-A-250/30, BSS-7055, AMS STD-2154
Sheets 6061-O Bare sheet AMS 4025
Sheets 6061-T4 Bare sheet AMS 4026
Sheets 6061-T6 Bare sheet AMS 4027
Plates 6061-T651 Bare sheet/plate AMS 4027, ASTM B-209
Plates 7050-T7451 Bare plate AMS 4050, MMS 1439, DMS 2233, BSS 7055, BMS 7-323 TY1, MMS 1420, DMS 2549, AMS STD-2154, BAMS 516-003, CMMP-025
Sheets 7075-T6 Bare Sheet AMS 4045, AMS QQ-A-250/12,CMMP-019, CMMP-025
Sheets 7075-T73 Bare Sheet AMS QQ-A250/12, ASTM B-209
Plates 7075-T651 Bare Plate AMS 4045, AMS Q-A-250/12, ASTM B-209
Plates 7075-T7351 Bare Plate
Plates 7475-T7351 Bare plate AMS 4202, CMMP-025, BSS-7055, AMS STD-2154, BAMS 516-002


Aluminum Rod & Bar

Products Specs
Round bars 2024-T3 Extruded Rod and Bar AMS QQ-A-200/3, ASTM B-221
Round bars 2024-T351 Cold Finished Rod and Bar AMS QQ-A-225/6, ASTM B-211
Round bars 2024-T3511 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
Round bars 6061-T6 Cold Finished Rod and Bar AMS QQ-A-200/8, ASTM B-221, AMS-4117
Round bars 6061-T651 Cold Finished Rod and Bar AMS QQ-A-225/8, ASTM B-211
Round bars 6061-T6511 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
Round bars 7050-T74511 Extruded Rod AMS 4342, AMS-4340
Round bars 7050-T76511 Extruded Rod
Round bars 7050-T6 Extruded Rod AMS 4342
Round bars 7075-T651 Cold Finished Rod and Bar AMS QQ-A-225/9, ASTM B-221
Round bars 7075-T6511 Extruded Rod and Bar AMS QQ-A-200/11, ASTM B-211
Round bars 7075-T73 Cold Finished Rod and Bar AMS-4124, AMS-4122
Round bars 7075-T7351 Cold Finished Rod and Bar AMS-4154
Round bars 7075-T73511 Cold Finished Rod and Bar


Stainless Sheet & Plate

Products Specs
Sheets Plates 301-Annealed AMS 5515
Sheets Plates 301-1/4 Hard AMS 5517
Sheets Plates 301-1/2 Hard AMS 5518
Sheets Plates 303 Annealed AMS 5640
Sheets Plates 304/304L Annealed AMS 5513
Sheets Plates 316/316L Annealed AMS 5524
Sheets Plates 321 Annealed AMS 5510
Sheets Plates 15-5PH Annealed BMS 7-240, AMS 5862, ASTM A-693
Sheets Plates 17-4PH Annealed AMS 5604, ASTM F-899, ASTM A-693
Sheets Plates 17-7PH Annealed AMS 5528, ASTM F-899, ASTM A-693


Stainless Steel Rod & Bar

Products Specs
Round bars 303 AMS 5640
Round bars 304L AMS 5639
Round bars 316L AMS 5648
Round bars 321 AMS 5645
Round bars 347 AMS 5646
Round bars 410 AMS 5613
Round bars 416 AMS 5610
Round bars 420 AMS 5621
Round bars 440C AMS 5630
Round bars 13-8MO AMS 5629
Round bars 15-5PH AMS 5659
Round bars 17-4PH AMS 5643


Alloy Steel Rod & Bar

Products Specs
Round bars 4340 AMS 6415, AMS S-5000, ASTM A-108, AMS 6414
Round bars 4340 MOD/300M AMS 6414


Alloy Steel Plate

Products Specs
Plates 4340 AMS 6359
Plates 4130 AMS 6345


Engineering Grade Plastics

Products Specs
PTFE AMS 3660, AMS 3667, ASTM D-1710
Phenolic MIL-I-24768/1-27, ASTM D-709
Torlon-PAI AMS 3670, ASTM D-5204, ASTM D-7292
PEEK MIL-P-46183, ASTM D-6262
Ultem- PEI ASTM D-5205, ASTM D-7293
Nylon 6/6-PA LP-410a, ASTM D-4066, ASTM D-5989, ASTM D-6779
UHMW- PE ASTM D-4020, ASTM D-6712


Available Upon Request

Please contact us for the supply of the following materials:

  • Aerospace Aluminum Extrusions
  • Titanium Rod & Bar
  • Aerospace Plastic Products
  • Alloy Steel Tubing
  • Aluminum/Nickel Bronze Rod
  • Titanium Plate
  • Aluminum Drawn Tubing
  • High Temp. & Super Alloys


The Boeing Supply Chain Performance Achievement
was awarded to Hadco in 2021 and 2022